ICEPRO, the Icelandic Committee on Trade Procedures and e-Commerce, is the forum of official bodies, businesses and individuals who are working on facilitating commerce and trade procedures, using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), ebXML and other standardized means of Electronic Commerce. 

Currently, members of ICEPRO are approx. 60, covering the whole spectrum of the Icelandic economy. Having contacts with relevant ministries, the Chamber of Commerce and similar important institutions, as well as to companies (industry, trade and other areas of the private sector), ICEPRO is the right partner for interested parties searching for better ways of doing business and for simplifying administrative and trade procedures. 

ICEPRO is a member of EUROPRO. EUROPRO’s objective is to contribute to the economic performance of Europe by working for the removal of procedural barriers to trade and the harmonization of trading practices. In particular, EUROPRO strives to ensure that policies and measures developed by the European Union and it’s Intitutions support efficient and effective cross border trading by all sizes of companies. Internationally, EUROPRO contributes to the work of the UN/ECE on trade facilitation including EDI. In the interest of European enterprises they also liaise directly with relevant organisations worldwide on subjects of common concern.

ICEPRO participates in the effort of the CEN/ISSS organization, whose mission is to provide market players with a comprehensive and integrated range of standardization-oriented services and products, in order to contribute to the success of the Information Society in Europe.

Executive Board


Hjörtur ÞorgilssonOrigo, chairman

Arnaldur AxfjörðAdmon

Friðbjörn Hólm ÓlafssonStaka

Guðrún Birna FinnsdóttirRíkiskaupum

Rebekka Helga AðalsteinsdóttirHR

Sigrún Gunnarsdóttir, Wise

Arnheiður GuðmundsdóttirSký

Bergljót Kristinsdóttir, managing director,  ICEPRO